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Allie Billings is a fiddler from Texas, originally, and is currently living in Alaska. She started out (at age 13) playing classical, then was introduced to fiddle and promptly fell over the fence into the wonderful world of Western Swing and competition tunes. She is now being classically trained again but is still true to her fiddling side when in Texas.

Allie has played with numerous groups and many fiddler players over the years that have influenced her greatly. To name a few: Joey McKenzie, Dale Morris, Wes Westmoreland III, James Scott, the Quebe Sisters Band (Grace was her first fiddle teacher), Valerie O'Brien, Randy Elmore, Paul Anastasio, Walter Olivares, Jessica Vanderpool, and Sherry McKenzie.


View Allie on YouTube

FINALLY! Allie has videos of performances on YouTube. Click HERE.

New Year Move

Hey all! As of February 2010, it appears that I will be making the big move back to Texas in March. Unfortunately, I will be leaving students behind. :( I am sad about that, but very pleased about the musical opportunities being made available to me in the South. I will be attending Fire On The Strings by the Bay Area Bluegrass Association (BABA) and hopefully very soon be recording my first single.
Stay tuned!